Letters to the Editor

Letters from January 24, 2001

But maybe there's something darker in Byrne's agenda than simple concern for our health and conviction that we don't really suffer all that much from discrimination. Maybe he wants to believe our fat will kill us, because he can't stand the sight of us. In that case, he can go stand in the corner with Anita and Dr. Laura and Pat Robertson and anyone else who believes we should all look, sound, dress, believe, and act exactly the same, or prepare to die.

Shame. Shame. Shame.

Andee Joyce
Upper Haight

Do Us a Favor

Don't praise us anymore: Kudos! Matt Smith's excellent reporting on new AIDS research ("Cocktail Time," Jan. 3) is first-rate journalism. Now that "hit hard, hit early" has been added to the long list of failed treatment approaches, all of which have been based on the profoundly discredited HIV/AIDS hypothesis, one has to wonder if SF Weekly is finally ready to re-examine its own role in promoting these deadly treatments!

It's time for SFW to admit that the real threat to its readers' health has been the lie of "infectious AIDS" and the standard medical (mal)practice of "treating HIV."

Michael Ellner
New York

Editor's note:SF Weekly is not ready to re-examine or "admit" anything of the kind. On the contrary, the medical evidence is overwhelming that AIDS is caused by the HIV virus, and that it is infectious. The best methods of treating the disease are still being studied and evaluated, but to deny the well-established link between HIV and AIDS is both willfully ignorant and dangerous.

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