Projected, Not Stirred

How much does Peter Moody love martinis? He's spent 13 years making a movie about them, if that tells you anything.

Sales statistics back him up. Though reports say Americans are spending more on booze these days, gin sales have been flat for the last five years -- whisky and vodka have been America's favorite path to oblivion for years now. The neo-swing craze, contrary to popular belief, didn't bring the martini back. It's a fact that doesn't surprise Arensburg, who saw the scene as little more than "a bunch of teenagers drinking water bottles. They don't party, they don't wear the clothes, but they still do the dance moves. It's like glorified aerobics."

Now that Moody is in the privileged position of getting to pick and choose from distributors who want to take a look at Olive or Twist, he is taking his time with the finishing touches. He's also pondering his next film -- a work about the London-to-Katmandu "Hippie Trail" that was popular with the granola set in the '60s and had a resurgence in the '90s with, Moody says, "young kids with credit cards trying to party their brains out. So I want to parallel the two Hippie Trails.

"We're thinking of casting the entire Fonda family."

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