Mars Attacks

There's no reason to fear Red Planet -- especially if you like high energy, old-fashioned rock

Like most other bands in the Bay Area, Red Planet has been affected by the tumultuousness of the times: The group is currently inhabiting its third rehearsal space. But rather than focusing on the negative aspects of the music climate, Red Planet's members reckon that most bands that were forced to leave town simply didn't have the right attitude. Powers claims, "It didn't seem like they were having any fun. As long as you're doing what you like to do with your friends, it's gonna be fun!"

All the band members agree that they are, in fact, having fun. With two new releases in the works and a South by Southwest appearance this week, they should be. So what do they aspire to now? Fame and fortune? Leather pants, groupies, and appearances on the Tonight Show? Apparently, enjoyment is still the band's prime directive. Dunn professes, "We would be happy if we could make a living doing this, having fun and playing our music." There you have it: Red Planet, a band so fundamental it's revolutionary.

Red Planet is the destination for fun.
Akim Aginsky
Red Planet is the destination for fun.


Red Planet's second full-length release, Let's Get Ripped, is scheduled for release on Gearhead Records in late May.

Sample of Red Planet's "You Can't See Me," from the CD Revolution 33. Click the "play" icon in the control console below.

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Find more information at, or order the CD at

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