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If it's loud, lewd, or crude, it's bound to be on Reality Check

"I was trying to spur on the image of us having this never-ending party," Danny says.

"It's a way for people who normally wouldn't have exposure to this stuff to see what it's about and come on down and join us," Huge says.

Some of the shows' fans did get to meet its makers when Reality Check recently celebrated 10 years (and 220 episodes) on the air with a party at "Stinky's Peep Show" at the Covered Wagon. Local punk bands Barbee Killed Kenn and American Heartbreak performed, along with out-of-towners Betty Blowtorch and the Real Kids. Ace brought along some of his friends from the New Century Theater strip club, while contortionist Suzy Ming undressed backstage to the pun-filled banter of MC Count Dante (Incredibly Strange Wrestling). The crowd had an exuberantly shabby, Back in Black feel, as if the economic ups and downs of the past five years had never happened. But there was an odd vibe -- especially in that back room -- of horny desperation, the kind you get only when older men ogle half-naked young women. At one point, a female friend turned to me and said, "There's just nothing here for me to watch."

J.D. Brumback
J.D. Brumback
J.D. Brumback
J.D. Brumback
J.D. Brumback

Reality Check programs do tend to err on the side of the lusty and the busty, about which its hosts are mostly unapologetic.

"My wife has been offended a few times," Huge admits. "I can count on one hand the times it's happened, but it has."

"Some things have bordered on the obscene," Danny says. "Huge had a girl getting her vagina pierced. I didn't put that on but I put Teri Weigel's pierced vagina on. We had a call from a woman saying that was offensive. But there's no violence on our show. Everything's done with an element of fun."

"George Carlin said it best: "I'd rather watch two people making love than two people killing each other,'" says Huge.

"There's not a show that covers girl bands that rock like us," Danny says. "I don't see any other TV show giving women artists that much exposure, and that's something I'm really proud of."

With all the changes that have occurred in the city during the show's 10 years, the hosts have remained surprisingly immune. "I just concentrate on the freakiness and don't bother with the other stuff -- the dot-coms, the money," Danny says. "I grew up as a guy that was an outcast and that's why I've been attracted to the freaky side of life. San Francisco will always have that."

And Reality Check will be there to capture that freakiness with, as the hosts often say, "no cost to you, the video viewer."

In the end, it is Danny who offers the perfect summation of his program: "Just like Kiss made the band they wanted to see, we made the show we wanted to see."

Danny, Ace, and Dave also host a weekly radio show on Tuesdays from 10 p.m. to midnight on KOFX-FM, 90.9 (it will soon move to KOOX and an as-yet-undetermined frequency). And there's another anniversary show in the works that will focus on local metal bands. Visit for more information.

Back in 1994, Dan Strachota worked with Ace Annese at a strip club restaurant. No, he was not a dancer.

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