Letters to the Editor

Letters from March 21, 2001

Michael Menaster, M.D.
Pacific Heights

Or very particular:Since it seems that Matt Smith's column exists to irritate readers with stupidity so that they write letters, I am reluctant to perpetuate the pattern. Nonetheless, I have to say that anyone who thinks that speaking some Thai is necessary to engage prostitutes in Thailand is very ignorant.

Stephen Murray
Potrero Hill

We apologize. Due to editing difficulties, "toothless German plumbers" was mistakenly substituted for the original phrase, "flatulent French accountants." SF Weekly regrets the error.: I was shocked to read Matt Smith's article. I find his reference to "toothless German plumbers" racist and crude. How can someone denigrate Germans and characterize them as toothless when they have a much higher standard of living than the average San Franciscan? Whatever happened to tolerance?

George Hoss

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