Pet Peeve

A pit bull owner says dogs are still being demonized in the wake of a fatal mauling

According to Rich Weideman, chief of public affairs and special park uses for the GGNRA, "There's definitely a heightened awareness of other users as to their rights to use the park in a safe manner. We're getting letters on both sides of the issue, and they're running about 50/50."

Personally, I see off-leash walking as an important form of recreation not only for dogs, but for their owners too. I'm a taxpayer. Aren't I entitled to engage in my form of recreation, the same as hikers and bicyclists and picnickers and other visitors to GGNRA lands? We're already restricted from off-leash walking on most of Ocean Beach, a portion of Crissy Field is closed to dogs altogether, and areas of Fort Funston are off-limits to both dogs and people.

As the population in San Francisco increases, so does the competition for open space. We're all going to have to learn to share. So how about, instead of paranoia and divisiveness, we start practicing a little common sense and neighborliness around here?

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