Letters to the Editor

Letters from April 11, 2001

\rIt's quite obvious that the poisoned whales are unwilling recipients in man's war against nature and her nonhuman inhabitants. So if the Chukotkas are most concerned with putting blubber on the table, perhaps they won't mind the cancer and other wonderful diseases on their plate. When you start digging your grave, be prepared to lie in it.

Banka Schneider
Mission District

Demonizing Dogs

No bad pets, only bad owners: In the media immediately after the mauling of Diane Whipple, reports were that pit bulls (old standby monsters) were involved ("Pet Peeve," Postscript, March 21). The backlash continues to harm innocent people and innocent dogs, which stand a very high chance of being killed for basically existing if they are turned in to animal control. We will be living through the trial of Noel and Knoller, as I am sure the media will give us a blow-by-blow account. I think second-degree murder is an appropriate charge because these attorneys are the ultimate in irresponsible dog ownership. On www. craigslist.org, people have posted to find new homes for their dogs because landlords are threatening eviction of people with pit bulls. The wrongful death suit against Noel and Knoller also names the owner of the apartment building as a defendant. Don't think that went unnoticed by the Bay Area property owners' associations. This hysteria is fed by ignorance. People who know nothing about dogs should not try to eradicate them, nor should people who know nothing about them own them.

Danielle Hyatt

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