Bum Advice

Ignore the trumped-up complaining; it is time to throw the bums out of the Housing Authority

Part of that vitality (and just as in the case of Mexico these days, you can see it and feel it on the street, in cafes, in San Francisco's central plaza, and in City Hall) comes from the hope that the new board will consummate its popular mandate to confront the corruption of the Brown administration. That a couple of hundred phony acarreados showed up to intimidate Matt Gonzalez into recoiling from this task is entirely to be expected in a place like San Francisco, which is only now learning how to Throw the Bums Out. It's still a couple of months before the American version of Labor Day, but it just might be high time for San Francisco citizens to revel in our newfound power. Tell the mayor and the rest of the supervisors that public housing isn't meant as a patronage trough -- it's a way to provide shelter for those who can't afford it. At least it will be, when San Francisco joins the First World.

As many who know me are aware, since receiving the advice of well-meaning strangers a few months ago, I had been diligently preparing myself for the moment I would try Today's Medical Marijuana. Naturally, I wanted my first time to be special. I desired a provider I could count on for discretion, support, and an easygoing attitude -- in the parlance of the medical marijuana community, I wanted someone who was "cool." And naturally, I decided to contact Marion P. Fry, M.D., who practices in Cool, Calif.

Actually, though, given the unique protocols of the medical marijuana movement, it seemed important that I start using my medicine before consulting a doctor. As Dr. Fry says in one of his medical marijuana bulletin board postings, it's important to "see a doctor if you are using marijuana as a medicine and become legal."

So in the same manner that I would consult a physician after beginning a regimen of, say, cytotoxic chemotherapeutic drugs, I thought I'd light a doobie or six, then call Dr. Fry for medical advice. Alas, just as I was about to embark on this journey toward wellness, I read of Clarence Thomas' opinion that medical claims for marijuana are bogus under federal law. Now, I'll grant that Thomas is a most bogus Supreme Court justice. But given that in California medical marijuana has largely become a bogus pretext for big-money recreational drug dealing, it seemed wise to pay the good judge heed. I'll save my virgin toke for another day. The one when hell freezes over, and the Supreme Court legalizes pot.

1 The term "acarreado," or "trucked-in ones," is a Mexican political term describing members of the poorest sectors of the population -- campesinos, garbage pickers, and the like -- who were traditionally trucked in to public demonstrations of support for ruling-party hierarchs, usually for the price of a T-shirt and a sandwich. In this case I'm referring to the 200 or so souls bused to City Hall earlier this month to defend the S.F. Housing Authority from probing by Supervisor Matt Gonzalez.

2 A brand of soft drink.

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