Best Damn Cup of Hot Chocolate

The Grove

What's a person gotta do to find a decent sugar rush in this town? For years, your best option was Bepples pie shop on Union Street, but with that respectable establishment (and its magnificent chocolate cream pies) now gone, options for a good chocolate fix are a bit limited. Enter the Grove. In most ways it's not much different from its neighboring see-and-be-seen yuppie Marina hangouts. There's the Chestnut Street location, the dark lighting, and the wood-paneled walls, not to mention the clientele of well-heeled, fresh-faced types. The place has a menu of beers, sandwiches, and salads, but its hot chocolate is the reason to drop in -- thick, tasty, and topped with fresh whipped cream. If you're the kind who's looking for the cute and studious law student, order a cup, sit down, and take in the scenery. If you're allergic to the Marina and all it represents, you can always order to go.

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