Best Jewish Deli

Saul's Restaurant & Delicatessen

Though it'll stir up lots of tsuris to place the best Jewish deli outside of San Francisco, Saul's beats any of the city's lesser efforts by a mile. Sure, you can get an overpriced bowl of matzo ball soup at David's downtown or a chewy corned beef on rye at Moishe's Pippic on Hayes, but at Saul's, the tables -- stocked with pickles -- groan under the weight of the deli's enormous triple-decker sandwiches. The Niman Ranch pastrami and corned beef are cured in New York, too, but the chopped liver (and just about everything else) is made fresh on the premises. As you enter Saul's newly refurbished interior, the scent of roasting chicken weakens your resolve to eat health food. Go on -- order the liver and onions. Who's to know?

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