Best Place to Buy Your Veggies

Golden Produce

Golden Produce is a purveyor of glistening heads of lettuce, blood-red tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, and aromatic mangoes. The rows of gleaming produce are not only fresh, but refreshingly varied. Though the store is small, everything from fresh spices (parsley, dill, mint, and lemongrass) and organic Swiss chard to tangelos and frost-kissed artichokes can be found in the produce aisles. The store's shelves are lined with gourmet items like imported jams and Asian sauces. Bins of fresh, self-serve mozzarella and olives can be found next to an array of apples. The cashiers ringing up your purchases point out the slight discoloration of a bell pepper or an imperfect melon and urge you to pick out another. Golden Produce offers unparalleled variety and quality for far less than you'd pay at the Safeway across the street.

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