Best Video Store for the Camp/Cult Connoisseur

Video Control

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If you're that one person in the office who understands why Ms. Divine wants "cha-cha pumps" or who looks around for Kathleen Turner in panic every time you see someone wearing white shoes after Labor Day, then, boy, is Video Control for you. If you've spent hours traipsing the city in search of those hard-to-find classics like FrankenHookers, Orgy of the Dead,or The Valley of the Dolls, look no further: Video Control has them. The store may seem small, but besides its unmatched collection of cult classics, it also carries the latest mainstream releases and (for those who have to wait for the kiddies to fall asleep) a kick-ass children's selection. OK, VC did have one problem -- on a recent visit, it didn't have a single copy of The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. However, it did have the sequel, if that counts.

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