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Mental Breakdown; Criticisms and Compliments; Corrections

Susan Talcott

Caution -- please clap safely: I, for one, think Matt Smith is brilliant. He says so many things about the politics in this city (specifically about the idiotic Board of Supervisors) that others are afraid to. The article about the NIMBYers ("Axing Permission," May 30), and his recent one on deconstructionist theory ("Warning: Deconstruction Ahead," June 6), had me up on my chair clapping.

Personally, I would love to kick all the supervisors (absent Gavin Newsom) from here to Tuesday. How a bunch of unreasonable, less-than-average individuals managed to win office, I know not. Please, please keep writing about the sad state of politics in this city and be the voice of reason where there are so few.

Bob Gain
Presidio Heights


In last week's Matt Smith column ("Et Tu, Mom?"), Assemblywoman Carole Migden's name was misspelled. And in a story on outdoor dining ("Get Up, Get Out, Eat Somethin'") in last week's Summer in the City guide, the name of Primo Patio Café was also misspelled.

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