Where the Sun Don't Shine

A member of the city task force that enforces open-government laws has been accused of trying to hold illegal meetings. That member is Bruce Brugmann, who is always beating his breast about open meetings.

On June 27, Brugmann sent a letter to members of the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force responding to Moore's accusations. He wrote that the violation was unintentional and that he would like to correct the violation by discussing the matter in public. Donna Hall, the task force administrator, refused to distribute the letter because, she says, it would violate public-meeting laws.

In an interview, Brugmann said he has been a task force member since 1993 and would like to move on. He is, however, reluctant to do so because, he says, the task force has serious problems.

"My only interest in staying," Brugmann remarked, "is getting the task force to operate openly and properly."

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