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Shanghai Noodles

Any one of our three soups could have fed several people, and all of them brought us back to the realm of delectability. Each came with a dark, flavorful broth and a heap of luscious wheat noodles. The first contained melting, savory-yet-sweet fried tofu puffs; the second, thin-sliced pork chops that exuded a powerful, barbecue-esque meatiness. Smoked fish soup fell between the other two (sweet but meaty, and still intense), its broth livened by a dash of warm, lingering five-spice powder.

Desserts confirmed our suspicion that Shanghai Noodles is the kind of good, solid, everyday restaurant a person could return to again and again. Chinese doughnuts were long, churrolike pastries so airy they could have floated away on a passing breeze, while the eight precious pudding proved a more substantial delight -- a dense, hamburger-size sweet rice cake filled with hearty red bean paste and topped with bits of candied fruit. To finish, our waitress comped us an order of sesame-crusted pastries with dough so rich and flaky it could make a vegan write an ode to the joys of lard. As we bundled our leftovers into to-go boxes, she also promised to show us some uncooked stinking tofu, but before that could happen, a party of eight walked in and overwhelmed her.

Location Info


Shanghai Noodles

1808 Balboa St.
San Francisco, CA 94121-3131

Category: Restaurant > Asian

Region: Richmond (Outer)


Drunken chicken -- $3.95
Seaweed salad -- $2.95
Sautéed mustard greens -- $5.95
Sweet rice siu mai -- $3.95
Stinking tofu -- $4.95
Noodle soup with pork chops -- $4.95
Eight precious pudding -- $3.95


Open every day from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., except Tuesday (closed)

Reservations not accepted

Credit cards not accepted

Wheelchair accessible

Parking: moderately difficult

Muni: 31

Noise level: moderate

1808 Balboa (at 19th Avenue)

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"Next time!" she promised as we headed off into the night. I can hardly wait.

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