Don't _____ With the Fantasy (Siltbreeze)

On Don't _____ With the Fantasy -- the second full-length offering of what Resineators drummer Anthony Bedard and guitarist David Nudelman call "panic rock" -- the San Francisco duo takes a scant 28 minutes to rip through 10 vignettes about partying, loneliness, underage girls, sucky bands, and other rock culture reference points.

The CD kicks off with "Superbowl," a roaring anthem that explains why the Resineators won't be playing America's biggest halftime show soon: not because the music sucks, but because the band adamantly refuses to lip-sync. Next up is "Whiskey Shots," a hard-charging riff rocker reminiscent of Mission of Burma at its most deranged. The song's entire lyric is the repetition of "Whiskey shots and dollar slots, yeah!" -- a veritable Resineators statement of purpose.

One of the album's high points is "Underage Girl (Get Out!)." Based on an incident at the now-defunct Purple Onion in North Beach, the song tells the tale of a bar proprietor who interrupts the band, grabs the microphone, and barks his eviction notice at a minor. Anyone who experienced the antics of Onion ringmaster Tom Guido during his heyday should relate well to this touching minor-chord "ballad."


Sunday, Sept. 2, at 9:30 p.m.

Tickets are $15


Bottom of the Hill, 1233 17 St. (at Texas), S.F.

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On the drug front -- a Resineators staple -- the band notes the irony of finding solace in a "Bag of Misery" and serves up the heroin indictment of "Nodshot." The melancholy "Smoking It Down" documents Nudelman's favorite form of recreation and sports this boffo couplet: "Tunes of today have gotten kind of stale/ Listening to radio is like watching a snail." The album closes with a roof-raising cover of the Ike & Tina Turner single "Contact High," featuring the Farfisa organ swirls of Roofies keyboardist Andy Oglesby.

The esteemed Philadelphia label Siltbreeze is releasing Fantasy-- although the process hasn't been easy. Supposedly, a Utah pressing plant refused to manufacture the CD because of the cover art, an innuendo-heavy homage to the '70s game show Match Game. The factory reps apparently didn't have a sense of humor, which is pretty much a necessity for appreciation of this disc. But while Fantasyis definitely goofy, the Resineators' (chemically) inspired songwriting and feverish musicianship save it from joke status.

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