Barrel Fever

Acid/Acidity: A sharp or tart taste.

Aroma: Refers to the smell of the wine, also called "nose" or "bouquet."

Balance: Denotes harmony of wine elements, (acid balances sweetness;

fruit balances against oak and tannin content).

Buttery: A feature often associated with Chardonnay. Richness, creaminess.

Chewy: High tannic content, big body, dense flavor.

Corked: Unpleasant taste or smell due to chemical changes in wine.

Dry: Little or no sweetness, very little residual sugar.

Finish: Aftertaste left in the mouth after swallowing. (Harsh, soft, lingering, smooth, etc.).

Full-bodied: Fills the mouth, weighty on the tongue.

Grassy: Herbaceous, slight vegetal undertone, associated with Sauvignon Blanc.

Hard: Refers to high acidity or tannin levels.

Jammy: Intense berrylike flavors found in reds, especially Zinfandel.

Oaky:Flavor and aroma of oak barrels in which wine was aged.

Tannic:Astringency that causes the mouth to pucker.

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