Alien Culture

Terrestrial tragedy has an entirely different context at the UFO Expo

"I opened myself up to some sort of contact in New Zealand," says Anna K. "I remember saying that I was willing to do anything for the good of humanity. These sorts of things don't come unbidden."

"I think [extraterrestrial] contact is, for the most part, benevolent," says Lucia August, a mild-voiced, purple-clad psychotherapist who operates the East Bay Contact Support Network. "But even mild first contact can, initially, be traumatic. It's a paradigm-shattering experience, and it takes a long time for some people to come to terms with what they've experienced. Some of them have trouble even remembering it. First, they need to remember; then they might need crisis management, education, and contact with other experiencers. That's really important, having a connection with other people that understand."

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