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Letters to the Editor 

Attack and Counterattack; All the World's a Stage; Feedback; Janet Jackson, Defender of Justice; Correction


Attack and Counterattack

Speak big and carry a soft stick: I can't tell you how saddened and upset I was viewing the horror [of the] Sept. 11 terrorist attacks ("Looking for Perspective," Sept. 19). However, the response of our national leaders to this tragedy was filled with more of the same -- talk of escalating violence. When you allow ghettoization for much of the world because of our system of resources and human exploitation, you can expect a violent response. These terrorist attacks are the unfortunate means of outlet. The cure is to stop the exploitation, find the perpetrators, and punish them, but not cause collateral damage to innocents simply because they happen to live in the land of the terrorists. We don't need another Iraq, where millions of helpless people are suffering disease and death because of the actions of their dictator leaders and our irrational need for revenge.

Denise D'Anne
Mission District

Hit them in their wallet: When I first heard of the attack on America, [I thought,] "What are you waiting for? Fly over there and take them all down."

Now, having a little time to think, economics is the answer. Go after the bank accounts, freeze the assets. Get a team of international attorneys to find every penny and make them pay for what they've done. That would be more effective. This is an age of accountability. Why should we waste one more precious American life than we have to? These evil people must pay a great financial cost for the misery they've caused.

We should consider this before sending our youth into harm's way. These people have been trained from birth to perpetrate evil destruction. Can we kill them all? I don't think so. I know it would be gratifying to some to do so. The best way to deal with this madness is to listen, truly listen to the people and see how we can help them participate in a better life.

Harriet Sebastian

All the World's a Stage

But lately all that's playing are tragedies: Thanks so much for a wonderful article ("A Play in a Day," Night Crawler, Sept. 19, on the DayTrippers, who write and produce plays in 24 hours for the Fringe Festival). I needed something good to happen today. I thought actors were crazy, but now I know it's the world that's insane.

I stayed up all last night writing my 15-minute play. And though I was dazed throughout the day, I've been told that it's going on as planned. So, with little sleep and a blurry attitude, it's back to the theater where I (we) feel alive and know that even though we create some scary things, nothing bad can touch us. Maybe we are a little crazy after all.

Jeffrey Hartgraves
Hayes Valley


Mr. Kurosky says your apology sucks: I would like to extend a sincere apology to Miles Kurosky of Beulah for subjecting him to the embarrassment of being included in our magazine [Guitar Player] ("A Frustrating Mess," Music, Sept. 12), alongside players like Brian Setzer, Pearl Jam's Mike McCready, John Lee Hooker, Doyle Bramhall Jr., Beck's guitarist Lyle Workman, and even fellow local favorite Rich Millman of Zen Guerrilla, since, as Kurosky noted in Chris Baty's article, they all "suck." As a longtime fan of Beulah, I foolishly thought Mr. Kurosky might be pleased to be included in a magazine with a 35-year heritage, giving him the opportunity to discuss the music he makes as a guitar player, not just his fragile mental state. Clearly, I was mistaken. Given Mr. Kurosky's strong feelings against the caliber of players we cover, I would personally like to invite him to help us out and enlighten the staff of Guitar Player as to just who exactly doesn't suck.

Emily Fasten
Managing Editor
Guitar Player magazine
Noe Valley

Janet Jackson, Defender of Justice

We did try some of her choreography, and we're as egotistical as ever: So you have trouble commingling the words "Janet Jackson" and "brilliant" ("A Suggestion for Rearranging the Deck Chairs at," Dog Bites, Aug. 29)? I suggest you try [performing] some of her choreography. That will humble you damn quick! Do you really consider releasing five multiplatinum albums in a row to be a "spotty career"? And I know you're gonna rip on me for getting all mushy here, but don't forget all of the young people she has inspired to stay in school and keep up the good fight against social injustice.

Erika McDonald
Lake Merced


Last week's Side Dish incorrectly referred to "Chef Thomas Keller's famed Fleur de Lys." The sentence should have read "Chef Hubert Keller's famed Fleur de Lys." Thomas Keller is the chef at French Laundry.


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