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Cleaning Up the Countryside; Beyond the Fringe; Elvis, Healing From the Grave; Close Encounters

Now that would take logic and subtlety.

Michael Grafton
Outer Richmond

It may actually be closer to 100 percent, but we don't want to quibble: Regarding your article "Suspicious Behind" (Music, Sept. 26, on impersonator/performance artist eXtreme Elvis), Elvis Presley is the most imitated artist in the world today. Unfortunately, 99 percent of the people who impersonate him are ridiculous and do Elvis' legacy harm.

Elvis became the greatest entertainer of all time, but above all he was a kind and good man, giving away millions of dollars to charities. I would have preferred an article on Elvis himself and the fact that his record label, RCA/BMG, in conjunction with the Red Cross, is set to release a three-track charity single to aid the relatives and friends of those affected by the terrorist tragedy in America.

Brian Quinn
Bedfordshire, England

Understandable, though one shouldn't condemn the whole galaxy for the actions of a few space creatures:Ms. Crawler, very much enjoyed reading your alien article from Sept. 26 ("Alien Culture," Night Crawler, by Silke Tudor, on the UFO Expo and participants' stories of sightings and abductions). I now feel reluctant to say "I'm willing to do anything for the sake of humanity," however, as I do not want rapelike marks on my inner thighs as a result of alien impregnations and the like. Ugh. You're so cool!

Name Withheld
Noe Valley

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