Letters to the Editor

Cleaning Up the Cash; A Group Hug; Burning Bush; Correction

In your twisted mind Bush and his government are more evil than, say, Osama and his gang. You spare no vile adjectives on the former while hardly chiding the latter. Yet you are a coward, since the entire "investigation" you conducted without so much as picking up your behind from the chair. You are a liar, too. Your entire mock investigation is a fruit of your imagination. You are a craven savage, since you side with the savages who justify terrorism. You are a hypocrite: You would not endanger your precious self in any physical action to protect this country yet you bark at the people who protect you. I could go on ...

Val Shkolnikov
Sherwood Forest

No bootlicker: Thanks for your column this week -- best words on Bush I've seen in print. It needed to be said. I appreciate your stating the truth while the rest of the media licks his boots.

George Franklin


In last week's Night Crawler, the name of composer Ralph Vaughan Williams was misspelled. Also, songbirds represent half the world's bird species, not half the bird population.

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