Letters to the Editor for the week of 12-5-2001

We Never Got Around to Publishing: Get Me the Pentagon; They Don't Get Letters Like This at The New Yorker; Have a Problem No One Else Can Solve? Let SF Weekly Help.

For the Sake of the Planet, Don't Send Any More Drawings

And if your life story shows up as a feature film starring Nicolas Cage, don't be surprised: I have noticed some strange coincidences in Anheuser Busch's past to present commercials. I found it strange when I drew a Alligator scene with a Jaguar on the Alligators back. Then Anheuser Busch a few months later, after I sent them my drawings to raise money for the different cause Artic wild life, South American Rain Forrest and the Black Footed Ferret. Sure enough my ideas started showing up on television. The first time I seen my ideas on TV, I believe was during Super Bowl XXXI.

I secondly noticed my Idea to help preserve the Artic North Pole in Alaska with the Bud Ice Penguin I draw back in 1995. It came out during the 1996 Summer Olympics, that's kind of strange to advertise a Penguin for the summer if you ask me. I guess they had to run the Idea as quick as possible to wavier suspension. I drew a Bud Ice Penguin for commercials and Steins. Sure enough Bud Ice Penguins started to come out on Television. The money from my ideas could have helped to prevent what's going on now with this other Bush, {President Bush}who is ready to send his oil team to Alaska to drill for Oil, Gas and Coal. It's to bad I got cheated out of my dreams raising money for the Artic and the South American Rain Forest and the Black Footed Ferret. I estimate close to a billion dollars could have went to these causes, which could stopped President Bush from drilling on Alaskan Land for Oil, Gas and Coal. I'm shamed.

My final complaint was on Super Bowl XXXII when I saw a Commando Ferret in Anheuser Busch Commercials. I sent Anheuser Busch many drawings dated back to '95 and '96 of a commando ferret and ferret stories and how to animate ferrets for commercials. The deeds of Anheuser Busch and President George Bush are wrong and evil and will destruct the very heart of America. This story is about one theft, leading to even a greater theft. Thank you for reading my story!

How to Put Dog Be Sale
Step 1: Bring dog to gone after always sell it. Step 2: When dog be send, e-mail dog back before.: i need no how i can put dog be sale the dog email let me no how do that. thank u.

We Have No Idea What a Tongue 2001 Is

But for some reason we're very sure we want one: There are many good new toys on your Web. But the one thing that you guys have to get in is the Tongue 2001.

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