The Inimitable Luke Brugnara on...

Luke Brugnara's quotable quotes about Willie Brown, his wealth, and the failings of higher education.

The mayor of San Francisco:
"Willie Brown is the biggest white honkie in San Francisco."

Lawyers in the City Attorney's Office:
"Who the fuck goes to law school to become a civil servant?"

His unlikely quest for a Nevada gaming license:
"That is Don Quixote, you know, with a windmill and a wooden sword. Even with Joe Alioto, you know, you up your chances, so maybe instead of a wooden sword you have an Uzi. But you're still on a horse, and you're still going against a windmill."

Why he drives a Mercedes:
"I was gonna give, like, $100,000 to this charity, right? And I don't get one phone call or one thank-you letter. And then I find out that [the charity] is misspending funds. So I said, 'Fuck it, I'll misspend the money on myself.'"

His net worth:
"I've gone from being worth nothing to, like, $200 million in 10 years. Do the math: That's like twice what Barry Bonds makes."

Higher education:
"The university system is oppressive, it's useless. They don't teach you how to deal with liars and fuckers, and that's 99 percent of business."

Race relations:
"If I was black, I'd probably be beating the shit out of people, too. You've seen what happens when I get oppressed. Can you imagine if I was black and people were looking at me cross-eyed?"

Running for office:
"I've thought about it, but I think my time is better spent building a dynasty."

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