The Chess Man of Market Street

Every morning the old man brings the boards, pieces, tables, and chairs. All you need to bring is 50 cents.

In a media mailing promoting the documentary's premiere April 5, the station states, "The FCC has ruled that KQED is unable to air the program until after the election ...."

The FCC, however, says KQED is dead wrong. "If KQED spoke to me I could explain to them why they need not fear broadcasting the film. It would not be illegal to show the documentary under any circumstances," says the FCC's chief of political programming, Bobby Baker. There was no "FCC ruling" on the issue. KQED's press release is mistaken, McCann says. The station's decision was simply its interpretation of the regulations.

"It's an extraordinary situation where a documentary is actually relevant to current events," says the film's co-producer, Peter Kinoy. "Usually a station would want to get a buzz going, get some reviews, prior to broadcasting. --Peter Byrne"

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