Shear Talent

A San Francisco hairstylist tries to set a Guinness world record

When we contacted Lazaneo, he acknowledged the Dunham incident with a deep chuckle. "Oh yeah, she's one of the retail managers at Stormy Leather and one of the losers that night," he said, stressing the word "losers." "Camille competed all right, but she just wasn't fetishy enough."

We asked if her uncompleted sex change had anything to do with the judgment. "Of course not! The only requirement was that you come dressed scandalously."

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When we pointed out that the genetic-females-only rule does appear on the Web site, Lazaneo seemed surprised, and then told us that Camille was a special case. "One of the reasons we let Camille into the contest is because she's like almost there, and we all consider her female." So was she the only "almost" female competing? "No, there was another one who didn't seem to be as far along as Camille. This one was just wearing women's clothing," Lazaneo said. She lost too.
By Andrea Renee Goode

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