Best Cross-City Hike

Like Venice, Manhattan, and other self-contained, aquatically encompassed cities, San Francisco can be hiked from coast to coast in the space of a pleasant afternoon. One especially rewarding itinerary is the multifaceted southern route. Begin your trek with a baptism of Pacific salt spray just below Golden Gate Park, then head along Noriega and up the Grand View Park staircase for a fantastic 360-degree city panorama. Cross Laguna Honda Boulevard, stagger up Crestmont, and get an invigorating dose of EMF emissions atop Mount Sutro, then head southeast to the gorgeous vistas of Twin Peaks. Tumble down Parkridge into Noe Valley, head east on 24th Street and continue into the Mission, stopping for a bit of tamale sustenance at La Barrasa Market. Skirt Potrero Hill via Hampshire and Mariposa -- you've climbed enough mountains for one day -- and finish up the hike with a celebratory margarita at the Ramp on the shores of San Francisco Bay. God knows you deserve it.

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