Letters to the Editor

Week of July 24, 2002

Timothy Shipe
San Francisco, Calif. / Westerville, Ohio

Faerie Tales

We'll see. The leprechauns sent a fruit basket withtheir press release.: I wanted to compliment SF Weeklyon the fabulous article by Silke Tudor regarding the Faerie Freedom Village at this year's Pride [Parade] ("All's Faerie in Love and Lore," Night Crawler, July 3). Thank you for the acknowledgment of our activities. We faeries hope to make the event even bigger for next year and have dozens of ideas in the works already. The village is a constant work-in-progress. I had joked that I would be working on FFV 2003 on Monday morning following the event, and it turned out that I was! We look forward to seeing you again next year.

Jokie X. Wilson
TenderloinThe faerie best:Thanks for the fine article about the faeries. You managed to convey the simplicity and the complexity of the faeries with dignity and grace.


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