Image Is Everything

The economy's in a slump, and so are a lot of S.F. politicians. At least for the pols, Brow Set seems to be part of the answer.

But if Matt Gonzalez wants to rise to the next level, his look's got to improve, Chu says. The man's a fashion mess.

"Fashionably speaking, I think if he would comb his hair a bit, to stop covering his face, and to really show his pronounced features, that would help a lot," Chu advises. "Definitely with him I'd groom his brows. He has very prominent features, so with him, I'd always keep a visible face. I think he would be better with a clean-cut look. He has really high cheekbones, so keeping the hair away from his face would really emphasize his look."

Don't Go Changin' ... Well, Maybe a Little Bit

Ammiano wants to change jobs, Mark Leno just did; the demands on both men's beauty regimens are identical. Whether aspiring to a promotion or trying to succeed in a recently earned one, appearance sells the man. The methodical, evenhanded Leno has successfully projected a clean-cut image so far, Chu says. With his new job in the California Assembly, he'll need to take this look up the ladder one more rung.

"He should go for the shorter haircut to be a little slicker," she says. "A shorter haircut might give him a new image with the new position. And taming his eyebrows with Brow Set would be ideal. With him, I'd focus on the skin care as well. He's going to be in the public eye a lot more, so he'll want to be doing a lot of moisturizingaround the eyes and everywhere else."

div class="tochead">Tone It Down!

In the annals of California politics, no statesman has shone, politically or visually, like San Francisco's Willie Brown. But with the Board of Supervisors trying to undercut his power at every turn, the glow is fading. The most recent slap: Supervisors rejected all Brown's appointments to the city Planning Commission. Beauty makeovers should complement a look, not exaggerate, Chu says. Perhaps it's time for Da Mayor to tone it down.


"He should use Studio Finish Matte," Chu says, recommending a lightweight foundation that supplies moderate coverage with a natural appearance. Ideal for politicians needing to tone it down a little, Studio Finish Matte adds a sheer, no-shine texture in one smooth layer, and can be used on bare or made-up skin. "I'd also use Brow Set and some lip conditioner. He has nice, full lips, so I'd bring those out. Also, he should wear sunscreen so he doesn't get age spots."

He's Got It Goin' On!

For no ascertainable reason whatsoever, there are a growing number of people in San Francisco who believe Gavin Newsom ought to be the city's next mayor. A board veteran, he boasts few legislative accomplishments that don't, in some way, relate to his concerns as a property-owning restaurateur. Otherwise, he seems drawn to issues that welcome demagoguery: He's recently become a champion of the right of dog owners to let their pets roam loose, and has moved on from a campaign to seize shopping carts from the homeless to an initiative that would take away their cash assistance from the government. Newsom's no great orator; his claims to political charisma have mostly to do with a willingness to curse while speaking off the record.

In other words: Gavin Newsom has it goin' on.

"I think he's doing all right. He's got a clean-cut look to him. He looks very polished," says Chu.

Chu believes Newsom is so polished he might even wish to soften up a bit to better suit the new populism he's been trying to play up lately.

"Changing his hair: That would really make him look softer. He really should do something, though; and maybe he just needs a softer texture to the hair. Now it seems to be a wet, gelled look. Something not as hard would suit him. He might also use some moisturizing eye cream," Chu notes. "His features would soften if he were more moisturized."

Hey There, Bad Boy!

After a splashy start two years ago as the simple supervisor who always got into trouble yet had his heart in the right place, Chris Daly has entered the middle of 2002 as the simple one who always gets into trouble yet whom nobody pays attention to anymore.

Chu says Daly shouldn't sweat the slump. It's perfectly normal for a public figure's image to ebb and flow; what's important is to continue refining beauty fundamentals that have worked in the past. The public will come around.

"If he's already considered a bad boy, I'd probably go with that. He has a different look to him, and whether it's bad or good, I'd probably go with it. It's like PR -- whether bad or good, you should go with what's different," Chu says. "In order to stick with his look, he might use some moisturizer to bring out his lips, and to bring out his other features. I think I'd just polish his current look, maybe with some Brow Set."

Wintergreen Shaving Cream + Caffeine Powder x Gerardo Sandoval = Brad Pitt???!

Gerardo Sandoval is an earnest city father with laudable legislative accomplishments to his name. His successful campaign to allow Mexican immigrants to use consular IDs when dealing with the city has become a national model. But Sandoval receives scant public attention despite his solid, journeyman job performance.

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