Letters to the Editor

Week of September 25, 2002

Tom Ammiano has been on the Board of Supervisors since the mid-'90s and has been president since 1998. Can you tell me (with a straight face) why he never brought this proposal up previously? He saw how much attention (and favorable ratings) Gavin was getting, and decided he needed to do something quick. When will he (and you, I guess) realize that people in this city are absolutely fed up with the "progressive" way this city is being run, and how we let the lives of the homeless ruin our quality of life. Instead of focusing on the "Sunshine" laws and trying to wrestle control from Willie Brown, perhaps they should focus more on the issues that are most important, like quality of life for the 700,000 people who live here. Kudos to Gavin Newsom for having the guts (and the brains) to identify that people want change, and to take it to them directly.

I'm not sure what caused you to morph into Tom Ammiano/Bruce B. Brugmann over the past few years, but I liked the "old" Matt Smith better. I guess now I'll have to stop reading BOTH weekly papers!

Bob Gain
Presidio Heights

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