Reps Etc.


601 Van Ness (at Golden Gate), 352-0810, Taking over from the Lumiere this fall season, this multiplex is only partly a "calendar house" rep theater. For the rest of the Opera Plaza's schedule, see our Showtimes page. $8.75.

WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY: Claude Chabrol's latest thriller, and 48th feature, Merci pour le chocolat (France, 2000). See Ongoing for review. Call for times.

FRIDAY THROUGH THURSDAY (Oct. 25-31): Takashi Miike's The Happiness of the Katakuris (Japan, 2001). See Opening for review. Call for times.


2575 Bancroft (at Bowditch), Berkeley, (510) 642-1124, $7, second show $1.50. The East Bay mecca for film scholars, part of UC's Berkeley Art Museum, thrives at its on-campus location, up the steps on Bancroft between Telegraph Avenue and the Hearst Gym.

WEDNESDAY: George Kachadorian's Divining Mom (2001) is a water witch 7:30 p.m.

THURSDAY: A series of the films of Rob Nilsson continues with two entries in his latest project, a cycle of "9 @ Night" films whose overlapping stories all begin at 9 p.m. and are set in San Francisco's Tenderloin with dialogue improvised by the Tenderloin yGroup. In one film, an aging Beat suffers a Stroke (2000; 7 p.m.); in another, a homeless man employs Scheme C6 (2001; 9:15 p.m.) to fund a hip hop group.

FRIDAY: Three buddies on a British bender are the subject of Husbands (1970), John Cassavetes' hard-to-take film that tests your tolerance for drunks 7:30 p.m.

SATURDAY: A monthlong series of the films of Italian thrillmeister Mario Bava concludes with a double bill of Lisa and the Devil (1972, 7 p.m.), with Telly Savalas as the Evil One, followed by Joseph Cotton as Baron Blood (1972; 9 p.m.), a 400-year-old sadist with designs on Elke Sommer.

SUNDAY: Mathematician Ron Graham introduces N Is a Number (George Paul Csicsery, 1993), a documentary about Graham's friend Paul Erdös, a much-traveled, oft-exiled thinker with metaphysical concerns 5:30 p.m. Gustavo Mosquera's Moebius (Argentina, 1996), a puzzler about a missing kink in the Buenos Aires subway, screens with the filmmaker in person 7:10 p.m.

MONDAY: A UC Berkeley class on courtroom dramas, "Trials and Film," with lectures by Carol Clover, is open to the public as space permits. The Leopold & Loeb case is reargued in Compulsion (Richard Fleischer, 1959), with Orson Welles for the defense 3 p.m. Ang Lee's tasty family comedy Eat Drink Man Woman (Taiwan, 1994) 7 p.m.

TUESDAY: Part 3 of "A Calculated Cinema" offers a program of math-related experimental shorts, with works by Oskar Fischinger, Paul Sharits, Larry Cuba, and others 7:30 p.m.


1834 Park (at Lake Merritt), Oakland, (510) 814-2400, $5 save as noted. Pizza, beer, and movies on two screens. Call theater for programs, booked a week in advance.

THURSDAY (Oct. 24): It's the Return of Captain Cosmic, starring Bob Wilkins, with trailers, prizes, John Stanley, Dr. Goulfinger, the Bay Area premiere of Godzilla vs Space Godzilla (Kensho Yamashita, Japan, 1994), and the martial arts favorite Inframan (Shan Hua, Hong Kong, 1975), about a mutant's battles with Dragon Mom. In case you were wondering, Space Godzilla is a beast "spawned from Godzilla's particles in space." $12 7:30 p.m.

MIDNIGHT SHOW (Saturday): The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Jim Sharman, 1975), with live performance by Barely Legal. $6.


1118 Fourth St. (at A Street), San Rafael, 454-1222, $8.50. This three-screen repertory theater is operated by the Film Institute of Northern California. Programs are complex; check carefully and call for confirmation.

WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY: Merci pour le chocolat (Claude Chabrol, France, 2000) 6:45, 9 p.m. The Man From Elysian Fields (George Hickenlooper, 2001) 7, 9:15 p.m. The Last Kiss (Gabriele Muccino, Italy, 2001) 8:30 p.m. Rivers and Tides (Thomas Riedelsheimer, Germany, 2001) 6:30 p.m. See Ongoing for reviews.

STARTS FRIDAY: Call for films and times.


1727 Haight (at Cole), 668-3994, $6.50 save as noted. There's a spot on the couch for you at this collectively owned rep house.

WEDNESDAY: A fundamentalist Christian Hell House (2001) is documented in George Ratliff's film. See Ongoing for review 7:15, 9:15 p.m.; also Wed 2 p.m.

THURSDAY THROUGH MONDAY: Drug dealers consume their own goods, go mad in the horror feature Cookers (Dan Mintz, 2001). See Opening for review 7:15, 9:25 p.m.; also Sat & Sun 2, 4:15 p.m.

TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY (Oct. 29 & 30): F.W. Murnau's still-fanged vampire classic Nosferatu (Germany, 1922) gets an 80th-anniversary screening with live music by Jill Tracy & the Malcontent Orchestra. $10 7:30, 9:30 p.m. (There'll be a silent screening on Wednesday for $4.50 at 2 p.m.)


3117 16th St. (at Valencia), 863-1087, $8. Short-run repertory in one of the most adventurously programmed theaters in the U.S.A.

WEDNESDAY THROUGH MONDAY: Dog Soldiers (Neil Marshall, U.K., 2002); see Opening for review 7, 9:15 p.m.; also Wed, Sat, & Sun 2, 4:30 p.m.

SATURDAY & SUNDAY: Weekly screenings of Scott Ritter's In Shifting Sands (2002), billed as "The Truth About UNSCOM and the Disarming of Iraq," continue on weekends at noon.

TUESDAY: Three artists from Creativity Explored, right down 16th Street from the Roxie, are profiled in Life Itself, a 2001 documentary by Todd Herman and Francis Kohle, screening with animation produced by artists from the studio 7, 9 p.m.


2230 Shattuck (at Kittredge), Berkeley, (510) 843-3456, $9. This venerable theater assigns one of its eight screens to repertory programming. For the rest of the Shattuck's schedule, see our Showtimes page.

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