Reps Etc.

FRIDAY THROUGH THURSDAY (Nov. 1-7): I'm Going Home (Manoel de Oliveira, France, 2001); see Opening for review. Call for times.


221 University (at Emerson), Palo Alto, (650) 324-3700, $6. This handsomely restored neighborhood palace usually screens pre-1960 Hollywood fare in the best available prints, with excellent projection and a courteous staff.

WEDNESDAY THROUGH FRIDAY: Preston Sturges' independent feature The Sin of Harold Diddlebock (1947/1951; 7:30 p.m.), co-produced by Howard Hughes, starred a third American striver, Harold Lloyd, in a "What then ..." sequel to The Freshman. The Marx Brothers' own take on a funny football game, Horse Feathers (Norman Z. McLeod, 1932; 6:10, 9:15 p.m.), follows.

SATURDAY & SUNDAY: Two warm family comedies directed by Vincente Minnelli, the classic musical Meet Me in St. Louis (1944; 3:40, 7:30 p.m.), and Father of the Bride (1950; 5:45, 9:35 p.m.), with Spencer Tracy, never better, as the flustered paterfamilias.



701 Mission (at Third Street, in Yerba Buena Gardens), 978-2787, Call (866) 468-3399 or visit for tickets and for information on the Latino Film Festival, which hosts its annual event here and at Delancey Street beginning this weekend. $5 save as noted; Latino Film Festival programs are $8 matinees, $9 after 6 p.m. This venue's Screening Room is a home for film and video programs of all sorts.

DAILY: Screenings of "Bay Area Now 3" programs of recent documentaries continue through Jan. 12, free with gallery admission. On Wednesdays, children speak freely in No Dumb Questions (Melissa Regan, 2001) and She Wants to Talk to You (Anita Chang, 2001); on Thursdays, See How They Run (Emily Morse, Kelly Duane, and Tony Saxe, 2001) the 2000 mayor's race; on Fridays, a roller derby queen is Demon of the Derby (Sharon Marie Rutter, 2001); on Saturdays, the dot-com era's Boom! The Sound of Eviction (Francine Cavanaugh, A. Mark Liiv, Adams Wood, 2001) is recalled; on Sundays, a profile of lovely life in Livermore (Rachel Raney and David Murray, 2002); on Tuesdays, Artists in Exile: A Story of Modern Dance in San Francisco by Austin Forbord and Shelley Trott (2000) noon.

WEDNESDAY: The S.F. Jewish Film Festival screens a recently rediscovered and restored archival print of Long Is the Road (Herbert B. Fredersdof and Marek Goldstein, 1949), produced in a post-World War II displaced persons camp in occupied Germany. It tells the true stories of a Polish Jewish family during the Nazi occupation and stars famed Yiddish actor Israel Becker. $7 7:30 p.m.

THURSDAY: The San Francisco Cinematheque presents New German Cinema intellectual Alexander Kluge's The Blind Director (1985), whose German title translates as "The Assault of the Present on the Rest of Time." It's about a blind director who still persistently works; it was not remade by Woody Allen as Hollywood Ending. $7 7:30 p.m.

FRIDAY: "On Film Not Video," a program devoted to artists who haven't gone over to digital, screens Super 8 digest versions of such films as I Was a Teenage Werewolf with new live soundtracks by Christian Bruno and Charles Kremanak; plus Natalija Vekic's The Girl With the Pearl Suspended (2002). $6 8-11 p.m.

SATURDAY: Latino Film Festival -- "Tales of Survival, Love & War" 2 p.m. Teruo, A Samurai Flamenco 4:30 p.m. Smoking Room 6:15 p.m. The Escape 8:15 p.m.

SUNDAY: Latino Film Festival -- 90 Miles 2 p.m. "Work in Progress" 3:45 p.m. If I Saw You, I Wouldn't Remember 6:15 p.m. Anita Takes a Chance 8 p.m.

MONDAY: Latino Film Festival -- Too Much Love 6:30 p.m. Streeters 8:45 p.m.

TUESDAY: Latino Film Festival -- Brave New Land (Brazil, 2000), with director Lucía Murat in person 6:30 p.m. Return 9 p.m.

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