Letters to the Editor

Week of November 6, 2002

The way it is now, it just creates more unaffordable housing.

Rose Skytta
Polk Gulch

Monkeying Around

Next week: the poodle in the microwave:I cannot believe you wasted a cover story on something like this ["You Grab the Monkey; We'll Bring the Knife," Oct. 23]. You have done the equivalent of forwarding an urban legend and cc'ing all of San Francisco. This Monkey Knife Fight campaign is, first and foremost, a striving for that great American dream: 15 minutes of fame. Secondly, it's just plain vandalism. Culture-jamming? I think not. I have seen zero creativity in the placement of this message. "Andre the Giant has a posse" redux? It's been done, and now there's a clothing line that has repackaged the message -- ka-ching! -- by the originator of the guerrilla campaign, no less. My suggestion would be to vandalize the stickers by tagging [them] with something equally revolutionary like, um, a dollar sign. And don't get me started on the whole practice of painting one's slogan on the sidewalk. Citizens who take pride in their communities love seeing this as much as they do Fido's crap.

Kenny Lee
Lower Haight

We're not sure "artists" is the word we'd use:Great article on MKF. Sorry you couldn't find the perps. Since you got the cover on your story, I can almost guarantee that the artists might just step up now that it's big news. Then again, it might just get more cryptic and less resolved. Thus is life on the street.

Russell Howze

And we suppose those "pedestrian death" posters are protesting restrictions on stem-cell research?:Surely I am not the only person who reads "Monkey Knife Fight" as anti-war commentary. Am I hopelessly naive to think you didn't know that? I assume the sprayers of "Monkey Knife Fight" messages are expressing their view of the War on Whatever that "President" G.W. Bush (aka Curious George) flails furiously to wage. It looks to me like political commentary in the same vein as those public portraits of Andre the Giant's face -- captioned "Giant" and "Obey" -- that draw attention to encroaching totalitarianism. Recently I noticed a fresh Andre face on an overpass near Market and Octavia. Now he has skeletal teeth. What do you think the mutation means? Bless you, ironic cartoonists and ghostly artists all, for articulating unspeakable truths.

Emily Han Zimmerman
Noe Valley


Last week's Matt Smith column, "Field of Liens," incorrectly identified the Long Beach Breakers baseball team. The story also incorrectly stated that the Chico Heat had to pay visiting Long Beach players to show up to a game. SF Weekly regrets the errors.

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