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Week of December 11, 2002

Just Leave the Guy Alone

You damned art vultures!Regarding "Osama bin Laden dislikes kelloggs frosted mini wheats" [Nov. 27]:

I dislike phony art fuck Michael McGinnis.

I dislike phony art fuck Jack Fischer.

I dislike phony art fuck Bonnie Grossman.

I dislike phony art fuck Chris Ford.

Phony art fucks should leave John McKenzie alone.

Matthew Ayotte
Buena Vista Heights

Chatting with Mrs. Superspook

Just a couple friendly questions, ma'am: I just got off the phone with Linda Poindexter. I called the number Matt Smith listed in his Nov. 27 column ["Calling All Yahoos"], and a woman picked up. I said, "Hi, is this Linda?" and she said, "Yes"! I asked if John was around and she said no, and so I requested to leave a message. I asked her to ask her husband why he needs my toll booth records. I then had the following conversation with Linda, wife of Iran-Contra conspirator Adm. John Poindexter:

Linda: He doesn't want your toll booth records. Right now, everything is in the research stage. Who are you?

Me: My name is Randy; I'm just a citizen in San Francisco. Really what I am asking is why would my toll booth records and all other kinds of personal information be so important to him?

Linda: We have to be able to follow certain patterns. You know there were certain patterns you can follow up until 9/11, and we certainly don't want that to happen again. But like I said, it's still all in the research stages.

Me: Speaking of 9/11, I guess I just want the administration to be honest about what happened. For instance, it seems to me that the terrorists were mostly from Saudi Arabia, yet we didn't attack Saudi Arabia.

Linda: Well, of course we can't overthrow Saudi Arabia. There are people there that we need to get along with.

Me: No, what I am talking about [is] a sensible response that realizes a terrorist act is not a national act, perpetrated by a specific country, and form an intelligent response. Then we would not have bombed the heck out of Afghanistan, and now, Iraq. And about that, I haven't seen any connection of Iraq and 9/11. Why are we going to war with Iraq?

Linda: Well, do you remember back when the Shah was overthrown in Iran? We got some people we really didn't want there then. But I'm really not the one to talk to -- my specialty is not foreign policy.

Me: Well, in that case, let's talk about you. I understand that you converted to Catholicism from being an Episcopal priest. Why did you do that?

Linda: Well, I had moved to a different place in my ...

Me (interrupting): No, I don't really want to know that. I'm trying to make the point that it's not appropriate for me to know these things about you, as it is not appropriate for the government to know these things about us. (I was obliged to tell her how I got her home phone number, and told her to find Smith's article online. Then I continued.)

Me: Now John was involved with the Iran-Contra affair, right?

Linda: Yes, he was.

Me: A lot of people died because of Iran-Contra. How can John feel OK about that?

Linda: You're breaking up ...

Me: Right.

Linda: You must be on your cell phone ...


I thought my cell phone was working fine. Must have been the fog ....

Randy (last name withheld by request)
Bernal Heights

Fook the Brits!

Fisticuffs'll make a man of ye, they will: After recovering from a fit of laughter after reading "Ire From Eire," a Nov. 27 letter to the editor in response to the boxing events at the United Irish Cultural Center, I had to write in to inform writer Eoin O'Duffy that he missed the point!

He says in the letter that it is shameful and that we'd be better off educating kids on computers or to speak another language. Well, I suppose he missed in the article ["The Great Irish Hope?," Nov. 13] that the proceeds from this sporting event go to fund scholarship programs.

O'Duffy says shame on us; well, I say shame on those who turn their backs on our youth and community and who do nothing but criticize those who don't. I agree that education is vital to our youth and that is why we dedicate the funds to scholarships. I also understand the importance of sportsmanship that instills qualities of hard work, accountability, and respect for each other. O'Duffy is quick to say what is helpful for our youth, but does he put his words into action? I venture to guess the answer is a big NO!

He also refers to the 19th-century English political magazine Punch that portrayed the Irish as uneducated, drunken, fighting apes and how those Englishmen must be rolling in their graves with laughter. Well, since they're 6,000 miles away and six feet under ground they can roll in laughter all they want. In the meantime, we're living life pretty darn good here in America and doing what we enjoy.

O'Duffy says he is an Irish citizen living in America. That's great, but let me just say this to him: Welcome to America, where we don't dwell on how 19th-century Englishmen perceived the Irish. In fact, here in the United States, the Irish are among some of the most successful people in the nation.

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