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Week of December 18, 2002

But Strachota's characterization of him as "nutty as a squirrel's hideaway" is way off base and I'm wondering (probably along with many others) if Strachota ever met or talked to him personally. When I first met him, at a bomb hip hop show years ago, he was as calm and down-to-earth as any artist I've met in my life. When I was working with a local indie distributor, City Hall Records, he, Kurt, and Automator came to my house in the Fillmore and played a rough demo of this "thing" called Dr. Octagon (Strachota claims it is what he's "best known for," when the majority of hip hop heads I know cite Ultramagnetic MC's as one of the most influential groups in the history of rap ... period!).

Anyway, Keith again was very chill, not spacey, perverted, or sleazy. A couple of years later, I flew to L.A. to meet him and Kurt regarding the Sex Style project, which my boss, Walter at City Hall, graciously granted a P&D deal for. That album, although slow at first, is in, like, its 10th pressing, and I can attest that when I worked at TRC Distribution (an affiliate of NuGruv Alliance, which reissued Sex Style), we could not keep the wax in stock!

So, what I'm sayin' is, Strachota seems to rip on Keith's work as "scatologically minded," rude, and raunchy, but that's shallow and overlooks tracks on those same albums that deal with shysty labels/industry types, wack MCs, and those rappers out there who totally jack Keith's multiple styles, not personalities! (Not to mention KutMasta's sick beats, scratches, and hilarious samples!) The whole article could've been condensed to a paragraph.

Like I said, I'm not condoning what Keith did that night, but to dis him by saying "While such disregard for his fans may not be shocking, his listeners' continued allegiance is" it gives the impression that Strachota can't stand his music or "lewdness." (Is he repressing his own sexuality, angry at Keith's sometimes misogynistic nature, or just trying to patrol the lyrical content of rap music?) Either way, chill meng, it's not that serious. As we both know, Keith has paid his dues and given birth to more styles and excellent rap than the majority of watered-down MCs flooding the market! If Strachota thinks he's hard-core, he should go peep a Necro album, early Gravediggaz, some of Sactown's Brotha Lynch Hung or Esham aka Natas.

I wonder if Keith was on time for his Latin Quarter, Polo Ground, or Soundview/Bronx River shows in the late '80s?! C'mon, Danny boy, respect due!

Buddha Bob Reichley

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