Pole Dancing Against Capitalism

Amid the holiday rush, Olympia the artist attacks the System in her own unique way

Yes, a new Saddam was born, most folks would say,

When his line of credit grew three sizes that day!

He gave up his terror, he hadn't the time,

With all this buying and selling -- and waiting in line!

No longer a symbol of death and destruction,

Saddam became a weapon of great mass consumption.

His hookah is Brookstone, his sword is Gillette,

His Palm Pilot's synced to his television set.

Yes, all this consumpting did open his eyes,

And thanks to McDonald's, he's become super-sized.

Now each year at Christmas, if you look really quick,

He's down at the mall dressed up as Olde Saint Nick.

Barking into his cell while collecting his loot,

Our pudgy Iraqi in a Santa Claus suit. -- Dan Siegler

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