The Poindexter Effect

Digging into the architect of Total Information Awareness unearths good news: Ordinary Americans value civil liberties

"Alan Poindexter is John's son. Google Images made this next bit easy...

The first image is the best; and it turns up a full NASA biography, including his wife's name, her parents' residence, etc.

The fourth image turns up a site called:

Howard J. Poindexter, "a member of the Poindexter Descendents Association." This has a whole pile of information about the Poindexter family. I wonder if this proud family is fully documented in any genealogy sites ... (yep, see below).

The page on "John Marlan Poindexter" includes a photo you might want to reference or publish:

Gee, what a treasure trove. The Poindexter Descendents Association 22nd Family Reunion is in Salt Lake City

Then there's the Poindexter Family Genealogical Database:

And John Marlan Poindexter's page itself:"

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