Letters to the Editor

Week of January 1, 2003

Do not believe government lies. More of your money spent on these measures will not protect us from terrorists. Every argument they use is subterfuge, pure spin.

Garry Anderson
Haverhill, United Kingdom

Huh?:Just give me the number -- how many more Americans have to die for you to give up your anti-American attitude? Three? Three hundred? Three thousand or more?

Cornel Fay
Budapest, Hungary

Jam him good: This is social protest at its most correct. "If enough Californians do thorough background checks on Mr. Poindexter, then use the information to jam his personal life in every possible -- legal -- way, perhaps Republicans will become annoyed enough to get rid of us once and for all. Perhaps if we phone residents of Poindexter's Rockville neighborhood often enough, the idea of California independence will become a goal of Washington insiders."

Gunner Miller
Smyrna, Tenn.

Grow up!:I found Smith's article to be not just unprofessional, but juvenile and childish. That his editors would actually print it speak volumes about the media in general and SF Weekly in particular. It is one thing to disagree with [Poindexter's] policy but to attempt to subject him and his family to such harassment is despicable.

Perhaps Smith is unaware of the information I had to provide just to send you this e-mail. He should grow up or find another profession. Writing books for kindergarten-age children might be within his ability.

John Dendy
Atlanta, Ga.

Let's keep an eye on this guy: In regards to Poindexter, a good start might be to ask for his credit card, driving, education, employment, and banking records. If we constantly demand those records -- he is a criminal after all, and should be monitored -- it might be fun.

Joe Prizzi
Columbus, Ohio

Brilliant!:Excellent work on this article. I am glad there are other people out there, besides me, who find the violation of our privacy an outrage. What a brilliant idea to use Poindexter as an example!

Lisa Burns
Lake Worth, Fla.

Shared viewpoint:Judging from the overall thrust of Smith's article, he and I agree on very little politically. Upon one point we certainly agree and that is Poindexter's antics. Keep up the pressure; he deserves every bit of it. As for me, I'll do what I can as a registered lifelong Republican to get that jerk-off Sen. Lott removed from any position of authority.

Mark Champagne
San Diego

California dreamin':I loved Smith's "Calling All Yahoos." My wife dragged me to New Jersey around seven years ago. We lived in Southern California for 12 years, and I really miss the climate and business environment. Please be advised that not everyone on this coast is happy with the direction our country has taken since Bush was "selected." My question is, if you Californians attain independence will you take some of us back?

And Matt, please be careful: You are now undoubtedly on a "watch list" yourself. It is reassuring to see articles like this published, since so much of the media is now controlled by big business with their own agendas.

Keep up the good work!

Michael Arlauskas
Butler, N.J.

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