Dog Bites

Can Dog Bites achieve a creative breakthrough under the tutelage of a Sylvia Plath-lookin' chick?

In an exclusive interview with Dog Bites, Epstein said, "I was face to face with Powell, two feet from him."

But Epstein's editor, Andy Pollack, was none too pleased with his boy's performance. In a one-on-one telephone interview with Dog Bites, Pollack said Epstein's implication that he got an excloo with Powell "gave the wrong impression. It was incomplete, misleading, and inaccurate."

The following day, the Chronicle printed a "clarification" which concluded, "Powell made his comments in an interview with The Chronicle and three other newspapers."

But the good old Chron didn't even get that right. A telephone call to the State Department generated this response: "There were five non-major daily newspapers at the briefing, counting the Chronicle." -- Peter Byrne

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