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An Exclusive Look at Secret Plans for Revolutionary Change in San Francisco Television News

imageI like the KTVU 10 p.m. broadcast with Dennis Richmond. I'm a construction worker and enjoy watching paint dry.

-- Tim, 59-year-old construction worker, Fremont

imageKNTV's newscasts are the best, because when they map car accidents, their fiery explosion graphic is the most realistic. Seeing that red-and-orange fireburst on a highway overpass makes me feel like I'm right there. And I know there was some concern, after KRON lost the NBC affiliation, about whether a San Jose station could cover San Francisco, but so far KNTV has been dead-on predicting the weather for my neighborhood, which is the Marina. I mean, nobody likes rainy weekends.

-- Trisch, 18-year-old temp, San Francisco

imageKPIX is my favorite news station for two simple reasons: anchors Ken Bastida and Dana King (whom I call "the Queen of News"). Nobody handles an abrupt shift in tone from silly to somber better than Bastida and King. (They must teach them that at CBS.) One minute, Bastida will be bantering with that wacky sportscaster Dennis O'Donnell about the 49ers' chances (Bastida is such an optimist!); the next, King will be speaking with understated sorrow about another homicide in Oakland. They're both so real, so believable, and that's a quality I cherish in my anchors.

-- Elliot, 47, Mill Valley

imageI'm very loyal to KGO, because of the feature "ABC7 Listens." A few weeks ago, I attended an ABC7 Listens meeting at my local library, and one of KGO's reporters invited all of us to tell her which stories "in our backyard" they should be covering. Well, after the other guy in the audience went, I stood up and told the reporter about these problems my wife and I were having with our compost heap. Not more than one week later, ABC7 had a whole story about helpful tips to keep your compost heap under control. That's what I call serving the community. And is there anything Dr. Dean Edell doesn't know about vitamins?

-- Frank, 81-year-old retiree, Novato

imageBring Back Terilyn Joe

Terilyn Joe, the former lead anchor at KNTV, gained infamy last year when she was accused of hurling tomatoes and eggs at noisy landscapers beneath the window of her San Francisco home. (We hear you, Terilyn: 11:30 a.m. is too early for chainsaws.) One of the best-known news personalities in the area, Joe was fired five months later from the San Jose NBC affiliate, and we haven't heard a peep from her since.

Gam-id puts it simply: Bring back Terilyn Joe. Bay Area TV news just isn't the same without her spunky cluelessness. And while it's arguable whether Joe should ever have sat behind an anchor's desk (her hair would have been so much more at home hosting an E! "Wild On" special), she could liven up any newscast with her nonjournalistic talents. Our suggestion: Bring Joe on for the final five minutes of the newscast live from the top of Twin Peaks (see earlier item on live shots). In the style of the legendary comedian Gallagher, she can hurl produce at passing cars to see what explodes best. Now that's the perfect end to a perfect Bay Area newscast.

Back to you, Terilyn.


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