Letters to the Editor

Week of February 12, 2002

Other than that, what's the point here? If you're trying to say that the article should have appeared as an op-ed piece, that might make some sense. But to just throw out some snide comments -- at a Teacher of the Month award! -- is kind of mind-boggling.

Didn't Eggers once work for you guys? If he apologizes for leaving your staff, will you stop trying to hurt 826 Valencia, its students, its teachers, and Bay Area public schools? This city needs 826 Valencia and Youth Speaks much more than we need your bitterness.

Toby Eackles
Western Addition

You jealous little guttersnipes!:I'm having a hard time understanding why Tommy Craggs takes such a hatchet to Dave Eggers. So Eggers wrote a piece for the Chron praising a local teacher's excellence? I can't find the problem with that.

Eggers' name attached to the article probably meant more readers and more appreciation for Joel Arquillos' work, which seems a pretty noble thing to me. As far as non-news posing as news, to me this example of that is far more desirable than, say, another puff piece about Britney or Christina -- and maybe even more desirable than a puerile comic's account of his run-in with local football players. And it's not like Eggers was out there tooting his own horn, or anything; as Craggs notes, if anything he emphasized 826 Valencia over his own role there. From where I sit, it looks like Eggers is putting his fame and fortune where his mouth is, actually doing something to improve his community. Regardless of what you think about Eggers' writing, there's nothing remotely deserving of attack in this "story."

Jealousy is an ugly emotion. Craggs should think about putting his energy into more valuable pursuits than attacking someone who's doing good.

Full disclosure: I volunteer at 826 Valencia (so I know firsthand that the work they're doing is valuable), but am not a friend or protégé of Eggers or anything like that (so I'm not writing to "get my buddy's back" ).

Eric Wilinski

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