Letters to the Editor

Week of March 5, 2003

Paul Moslander
Pacific Heights

O'Donoghue should take a hike:Despite Joe "Blowhard" O'Donoghue's hubristic, Hinckle-fueled, anti-union hissy fit, the Irish community will still celebrate its diverse culture and heritage with an incredible literary and cultural festival for March 2003 ["Losin' It," Matt Smith, Feb. 19].

Joe has totally alienated the left, right, and center of the Irish community with his lack of judgment and out-of-control ego. He needs to take a long vacation. Right now Irish-American trade unionists, conservatives, socialists, and cops are united in opposition to his "all-Joe, all-the-time" shenanigans.

Daniel Cassidy
Glen Park

And he can take Matt Smith with him:Smith is not just an asshole, but a complete, unadulterated, full-blooded, capital-"A" Asshole. His column on Isabel Wade and the Neighborhood Parks Council, making light of the dedication and hard work that they have done for the city's parks and open space, is repugnant and disingenuous at the very least.

Wade has been a tireless and dedicated soul searching for ways to keep our neighborhood parks clean, safe, staffed, repaired, improved, and most of all funded. Smith owes her an apology for his callous comments about her and her dedication to the people of the city of San Francisco. May Smith be condemned to a life of stepping in dog s--t every time he sets foot in one of our parks. Shame on him.

Jeffrey Leibovitz

When Eddie Met Colin

Some exaggeration ensued:Enjoyed your Dog Bites item on the Chronicle's Washington bureau reporter, Edward Epstein, and how he puffed up his interview with Colin Powell ["A Not-So-Exclusive Exclusive," Feb. 5].

Is it just me or is the Chron making a deliberate attempt to use more original material instead of those incessant feeds from other papers? Even the Washington bureau seems to have awakened and filed a few articles.

Jim Sparkman
Editor, ChronWatch.com

The Joys of Jolie

Thanks for turning me on to this girl wonder:Thank you so much to Dan Strachota and SF Weekly for the article on Jolie Holland ["The Littlest Songbird," Music, Feb. 19].

A friend took me to see Jolie play at the Rite Spot the last evening I was in San Francisco. Needless to say, it made my trip and the news that she is working on a new album makes me ecstatic. Her songs make me want to write my true love a letter, tear my hair out, and sing a song on the open road.

She is the spiritual heir of Walt Whitman and I am so pleased to be able to gloat that I saw her before she became famous. Kudos to SF Weekly for scooping her story.

Sara Burlingame
Cheyenne, Wyo.

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