A Gift That Stands Out

John Trani got the graduation present no red-blooded frat boy could refuse: his own Hooters restaurant

Dale Miller is not a tranny, exactly. And he doesn't work for Hooters. But the University of Arkansas computer programmer has a hobby that uniquely qualifies him as an SF Weekly consulting expert.

Ever since prudish citizens managed to close down the Little Rock Hooters a couple of years ago, Miller has spent his free time flying to cities where there are Hooters restaurants, dressing up as a woman, going out for burgers, and having his picture taken with the waitresses. Miller urges Trani to take Juanita and Donna up on their suggestion to spice up his S.F. Hooters with a few drag queens.

"I've not spent a lot of time around drag queens, but I think it would be interesting," says Miller, who's chronicled his cross-dressing Hooters visits at www.skirtman.org/hooters.html. "Some of the ones I've seen are excellent. You have to realize: 'Oh, it really wasn't a girl.' I think it could be interesting but in a different way. I might not have as much fun because, well, I like watching women.

"But I can see in your area it might be a real draw."

According to SF Weekly consulting expert and freshman city Supervisor Bevan Dufty, San Francisco is a community that cares about the young, John Trani included. Since Dufty was made aware of the new Hooters, he's been alerting residents of his supervisorial district, which includes much of the Castro neighborhood. Already, Dufty says, many S.F. residents are planning to dress as Hooters Girls this Halloween in support of young John. "I've discussed the potential for a Hooters coming to S.F.; everybody's been saying they want to dress in a Hooters uniform. They may not be able to outfit their staff by the time they are raided for Halloween 2003," Dufty notes. "I may have more guys going there, given the fact that this guy is fresh from a fraternity.

"The excitement is palpable."

I'd be interested in hearing the stories of people who inquire, either successfully or not, about working at the new S.F. Hooters. I can be reached at matthew.smith@sfweekly.com.

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