Best Place to Learn How to Kick Ass

Fairtex Combat Sports Camp

Martial arts masters are taught to seek alternatives to physical violence whenever possible. But if all attempts at peaceful resolution fail, sometimes they find it necessary to open a can of whupass on somebody -- and that's where Fairtex Combat Sports Camp comes in. The school is more than a gym: It's a training ground for the art of Muay Thai (more commonly known as Thai boxing), as well as Brazilian jiu jitsu and boxing. World champion kickboxer Alex Gong opened the school in 1996, and since then Fairtex has become one of the few Muay Thai facilities in the United States to be officially recognized by Thailand's government. Several of the school's trainers just happen to be internationally known professional competitors. Kickboxing, as it's taught at Fairtex, will certainly get you in shape, but most students are looking for more than just ripped abs and buns of steel: The school's philosophy encourages the cultivation of discipline, self-respect, and resilience. Of course, we think it can't hurt to know you can dole out a beat-down if need be.

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