Best Reason Not to Kill Your TV


There's no good reason to spend your evenings watching reality TV shows when you live in one of the country's biggest creative hubs. But if you must stare at the tube, watch Spark, a KQED-Bay Area Video Coalition documentary series showcasing local performing and fine artists. The long-awaited show -- two years in the making and funded through 2004 -- takes viewers into studios and theatrical wings for a firsthand account of how local artists work, where they find inspiration, and what it takes to succeed in this economic and cultural climate. Z Space Studio Artistic Director David Dower and spoken-word artist Pamela Z narrate these themed half-hour segments, which feature a community calendar of upcoming shows and cover all the arts at all levels, from street performances to symphonic productions. The show debuted this March with the segment "Opening Nights," a performers'-eye view of San Francisco Ballet's Don Quixote and a tour of the new Asian Art Museum. Check the Spark Web site for broadcast schedules and more information.


7:30 p.m. Wednesday nights, KQED-TV Channel 9,

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