Best Use of Corporate Radio

Wobbly's Wild Why

Wobbly's Wild Why CD (out on local label Tigerbeat6, should be required listening at the FCC. An absurdist state-of-the-airwaves address, the album celebrates the creative power of theft, even as it pokes fun at the soggy condition of corporate radio. To make the disc, Wobbly -- aka Jon Leidecker -- spent three years trolling local hip hop stations for beats and boasts, which he then painstakingly melted down into a mess of gurgles, static, and nonsensical phrases. Jiggy drumbeats turn into whip cracks, like punishment for unrepentant supporters of the status quo. Wobbly clear-cuts Timbaland, turns Swizz Beats to Swiss cheese, and knocks the Neptunes clear out of orbit. If you don't want to bother with purchasing Wild Why, Leidecker frequently re-creates the project in real time on public radio, sucking up a stream of shout-outs and quavering vocals and spitting it back in the form of radically de-centered pop music. Post-Apocalyptic or just post-monopolistic? You be the judge.

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