Teen Dream

Youth video project launch party

FRI 5/16

Many events bill themselves as "multimedia," but Adolescent Sublime's film launch party includes live music, a fashion show, a hip hop dance performance, digital art, a lecture, and DJs, in addition to the movie preview itself. If that ain't multi, what is?

The AS project is an ambitious video-based effort to represent teens as they really are -- that is, as complex human beings. In producer Veronika Litinski's mind, the negative portrayal of kids in mainstream media is deeply misleading. She and husband Lee Gotham plan to interview teenagers here and in Russia, the U.K., India, Thailand, Morocco, and elsewhere, seeking out activists, artists, and entrepreneurs, i.e., the ones we usually don't see on screen. The party starts at 6:30 p.m. at ODC Theater, 3153 17th St. (at Shotwell), S.F. Admission is $7.50-15; call 863-9834 or visit www.adolescentsublime.org. -- Hiya Swanhuyser

Smart Fashion

WED 5/14

With state budget cuts decimating programs at publicly funded universities, we may wonder why we should care about City College of San Francisco's fashion department. Without its help, many locals may fall prey to ridiculous trends: They might start dressing the way they did in the '80s or even think it's OK to wear high heels with cargo pants (it's not!). "Provocouture,"the school's second annual fashion show, sets the record straight. Don't miss it -- our stylistic future depends on it. A reception starts at 6 p.m., followed by the show at 7, at Ruby Skye, 420 Mason, S.F. Admission is $10-20; call 239-3588. -- Lisa Hom

Maya Oh My
Maya Deren, revealed

FRI-TUES 5/16-20

"I make my pictures for what Hollywood spends on lipstick," Maya Deren purportedly said. That succinct line, in which the values of frugality, glamour, and iconoclasm somehow coexist, closes in on both the willful persona Deren made for herself and the essence of her contribution to American avant-garde cinema in the mid-1940s.Martina Kudlacek's documentary, In the Mirror of Maya Deren, closes in on Deren, too; for one thing, it lets us hear the doyenne's voice. Her films took shape in wordless short subjects and dreamscapes. Deren's probative formal experiments had an inimitable light touch; she was both loose and serious about her work, and makes a fine documentary subject. Watch her at the Red Vic Movie House, 1727 Haight, S.F. Admission is $4.50-6.50; for show times, call 668-3994 or see www.redvicmoviehouse.com. -- Jonathan Kiefer

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