Letters to the Editor

Week of July 2, 2003

Of Pimps and Politics

Words from the man himself: Gentle people, I bid you greetings and salutations:

I am James Robinson; last week I was a vice president of the most powerful transit union in the state of California. However, and most unfortunate for myself, this esteemed position of which I fought so hard to attain has been manipulatively and deceitfully stripped away. Today this laureled position has been extended to another, who undoubtedly is pro the status quo and meticulously handpicked by the questionably outraged powers that be. Before this brief scenario unfolds, I would have you know that I am a creative man, with a jaded past.

As a young man, during the 1970s and '80s, I embraced the infamous title of pimp, sampled cocaine, as did many people during that era; I experienced the illicit lifestyle known as the "Game," in the persona of a black underworld diplomat. I traveled across America and Canada, back [and] forth and back again .... In the mid-1980s I wearied of this illicit lifestyle, and at Hilltop Apostolic Church, in Clear Lake, Calif., I embraced Christ, denounced Satan, and was washed in the blood of the lamb, born again, becoming a new man. It was at this crucial point in 1987 that in point of fact I pulled myself out of the bowels of hell, walked away from the lifestyle known as the Game, and placed my life in [the] creator's hands, and my feet on the path of productivity, and prosperity in the mainstream of American society.

Without doubt an omnificent and omnipresent creator has bountifully blessed me, beyond belief. During the course of my illicit career I was never convicted of a felonious crime. That was 16 years ago, and for the past 11 years I have been in the employ of Municipal Railway, diligently fighting for the rights of workers, through perseverance, and by the divine grace of a forgiving creator, ultimately rising to the esteemed position of vice president of the executive board of TWU250A, the most powerful transit union in the state of California.

In January 2002, I was inspired to write the memoirs of my infamous past, thereby adding needed clarity and making sense out of the lifestyle known as the Game, and what society considers nonsense, in doing so adding psychological and social clarity to the unknown, and in addition to the personal gratification of leaving a personal legacy. It was at this point that I sat down and ardently put pen to paper. During this time, I also wrote the overview of a documentary, and a musical score, all titled Gospel of the Game. The contents of my memoir were written from the fly-on-the-wall perspective, giving a bird's-eye view of the Game from the inside out, and were meant in no means to glorify the lifestyle known as the Game but on the contrary, my writings were meant to vilify the lifestyle known as the Game so that some unsuspecting youth might not follow the jaded path in life that I had so foolishly pursued; to that end my writings were intended to be a warning sign on the road map of this thing that man calls life, directing those who had gone astray to safety.

This novice writer would have the reader know that I am not ashamed of my past today, nor have I ever been. However, I am not sad about it, nor do I believe that I should be. I believe it is my life's experiences that have ultimately made me the changed man that I am today.

My current nightmare began on Dec. 18, 2002. I met with the persistent SF Weekly reporter Lessley Anderson, whom I finally submitted to giving an interview after my inauguration. Ms. Anderson's schoolgirl face and charming smile had ultimately worn me down, and I concurred to her undaunting request. Later I was to find out that Ms. Anderson had a schoolgirl face and a malicious heart. Ms. Anderson's cover article "Muni's Mack Daddy" depicted me as a slicked-out cartoon buffoon, complete with purple suit, leopard skin hat, and toting a cane. Damn, I wasn't doing it like that when I was pimping! Ms. Anderson is a skilled and creative writer, and in my opinion she should be applauded for her humorous, yet malicious spin of a rags-to-riches story, i.e., a pimp turned politician, novelist, filmmaker, and record producer. In my opinion, a story like this is reflective of what the true American dream is all about. No matter where you come from in life, and/or where you've been, if you have God and determination, without doubt you can persevere.

However, the article was riddled with stereotypes and negative connotations, in my opinion, suggesting to the reader that I might currently be involved in underworld activity, and juggling a parallel existence, as a husband, father, novelist, filmmaker, and music producer. All that I am is a God-fearing ambitious black man, politician, and entrepreneur.

On Wednesday, June 4, 2003, well-orchestrated red flags went up and the alarm was sounded at Municipal Railway and a crusading "women's committee" was organized under the leadership and with the blessings of TWU250A over-bosses. On Monday, June 9, 2003, TWU250A's standing powers that be mobilized that "women's committee" to complete petitions to have me removed from office. Of this occurrence there is proof positive.

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