Letters to the Editor

Week of October 8, 2003

Personal negative attacks have not and will not be a part of my campaign for district attorney. Any statements or conclusions by Byrne otherwise are simply wrong.

I am running a positive, issue-oriented campaign with innovative and creative solutions to the problems facing San Francisco.

Bill Fazio
San Francisco

Peter Byrne replies:In a Sept. 4 telephone interview, Fazio said Harris has "ties" to her "boyfriend," Mayor Willie Brown, and therefore won't be able to "root out corruption" if elected. He repeatedly accused Harris of being ready to trade official favors to repay Brown's political assistance to her.

Blow-job alert:I am incredibly disappointed. It is certainly true that Harris is an intelligent person and a talented lawyer. It is certainly true that some people are using her former relationship with Willie Brown to taint her candidacy.

But what is not true is that she is the most qualified candidate for district attorney, and it is most certainly not true that her relationship with Brown did not leave her with, shall we say, unrealistic expectations of entitlement with regard to this race.

Those expectations are unrealistic enough that she has never put forward a concrete platform for her candidacy; that she put out campaign material in which she claims to have tried "hundreds of cases" when in fact she's done less than 40; and that despite having already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars (to the point of probably having to violate campaign finance laws in order to go any further), she's only gained five percentage points in polls.

Byrne's profile, while compelling, can hardly be called objective reporting. It's so remarkably one-sided to the point that it cannot be seriously regarded as news coverage. And what the hell is a captioned picture of the campaign consultant doing in what purports to be a serious article? That in itself brings the piece from "coverage" to "blow job." I would've expected to see something like this in a neighborhood newspaper or perhaps a campaign mailer, not SF Weekly.

Mike Ege
North Beach

Editor's note: As Gomer Pyle says, "Sur-prise! Sur-prise!" Ege is an acknowledged supporter of DA candidate Bill Fazio.

True allegiances:I attended Howard University in the late 1960s and the late '80s, and the frats Harris so glowingly talked about were generally the most backward and reactionary organizations on campus.

Her support of Amerikkkan Psycho/fascist look-alike Craven Newsom speaks volumes about her real positions in terms of her future politics. While she may be supportive of the issues concerning abuse and child endangerment, we must keep in mind that both Eva Peron and Hitler also supported these positions.

As to her relationship with both her Afrikan-Amerikkkan father and Willie Brown, one can only speculate how she really feels about black men.

What I'm not too sure on is just where do her true allegiances lie? Are they with the people or with the rich money fascists like Brown and mayoral candidate Grabbin' Nonsense?

Mark Tyme

Superficial, But Darned Funny

And right on the money, honey:Brock Keeling made no pretense that his investigation into sex clubs ["Lovin' and Losin'," Dog Bites, Sept. 10] was anything but superficial [in response to Philip Rossetti's Sept. 24 letter that it was]. I found Keeling's "superficial" insights purely humorous and refreshing. However, his remarks on Blow Buddies are pretty well founded. I should know; I worked at that stinkhole for 1 1/2 years.

George Jimenez

Her Oh-So-Special Life

We don't give a shit!:No doubt you get many letters from people who oppose the way Meredith Brody reviews restaurants. Those people miss the point.

Ms. Brody is not a restaurant reviewer; she is an essayist. There is a difference. I write. I eat. I can write about what I have eaten, where, when, and why. I can describe my experiences and what to suggest to readers who might anticipate eating there.

But never would I mislead a reader looking for a restaurant review by writing extensively about the Toronto International Film Festival that few, if any of us, would ever attend ["Cinema Synergy," Eat, Sept. 24].

As a journalist, I hope to bring information to my readers, not bore readers with my oh-so-special life.

Some writers, like Herb Caen, have been able to carry it off. Ms. Brody is no Herb Caen.

Kevin McFarren

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