Hasta la Vista, Baby!

Are Gavin and Kimberly doomed? Their future subjects voice their opinions.

The timing of Kimberly's decision to go to New York -- smack in the middle of the mayor's race -- struck employees of nearby Tully's Coffee as fishy.

"Everyone needs some sex, and everyone needs some goddamn lovin'," asserted 25-year-old Mark Bufo. "And you know, if your beautiful blond wife ..."

"She's brunette," corrected his co-worker, Dan Bradlow.

"A brunette, then. And she wants to go live on the East Coast, you would want some sex, and you would want your woman by your side."

"Let's not talk about sex," said Bradlow, glancing worriedly at Dog Bites' tape recorder.

"I'm just saying that the broad should wait," said Bufo. "And after it's over, it's all sound and kosher, you can do whatever the hell you want. It's the same thing as if Hillary divorced Bill in the middle of the scandal. You've got to be there for your hubby; stand by him whether you agree with him or not. After the whole charade is over, hasta la vista, baby!"

Bufo's insights notwithstanding, Dog Bites ended the afternoon convinced that many San Franciscans:

a.) Don't read the Chronicle very closely;

b.) Don't really care about the strength or weakness of Gavin and Kimberly's marriage;

c.) Believe that, if anything, Kimberly's move could result in Gavin getting some hot extramarital action -- and that that would be a good thing.

But maybe there's a deeper message here for Gavin: He's truly reached celebrity status when the man on the street can't feel his pain.

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