Don't hate me because I'm corporate

Once the music world looks like one big happy profitable family, the Unified Feel Theory will coalesce into its end game: the infusion of all popular styles into a single being. Code name: Project Proteus. A Project Proteus prototype would be part slutty young diva à la Christina Aguilera, part hardened criminal-millionaire like 50 Cent, part "Budweiser True Music" pawns Creed, etc. Project Proteus would make history as the only act you could simultaneously see on MTV, BET, and VH1 and hear on the Bone, KMEL, and Live 105. Picture it: muscular arms, throwin' up gang signs, connected to a bullet-riddled, tattooed chest sandwiched between a blond diva's fake, gyrating ass and a dour, angst-ridden face crooning about driving your truck for Jesus in God's America. The notion of Project Proteus might cause you to scoff, but remember, people scoffed at the idea of a flying aero-plane 100 years ago.

See, corporate endeavor isn't so bad. It is the custodian of innovation, and innovation is what makes this country and its cycle of consumption so great, something for the whole world to see and hear. Hysteria over corporate hegemony is nothing more than hysteria over changing times. Mergers and acquisitions are immutable meta-currents in the grand scheme of things, EMI-Time Warner just a footnote. If anything, these processes are evolutionary, commerce and art intertwining like DNA molecules to replicate profits and expression, each generation of business plans and artists forging ahead to converge like railroad tracks in the distance.

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